Because we are such a new business and we want to be sure our prices are affordable to our clients, we ask that you call and speak to a representative. Our representatives will work with you to determine your needs and provide you with a free quote. 
​Below is a basic outline of our pricing packages. 

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Concierge (Errand, Lifestyle/Time Management) Service*​

BASIC Package: 3 errands/week for $30

SILVER Package: 5 errands/week for $40

LIFE MASTERS Package: 10 errands/week for $50 

Residential Cleaning: 

BASIC Package: 1 weekly cleaning of 1 room for $20/week (Basements/attics excluded).

SILVER Package: Cleaning of one bathroom, kitchen and a living area (i.e. living, dining or family room) once per week for $50/week.

LIFE MASTERS Package: Our SILVER package + inside window cleaning (up to five windows, additional windows are extra) for $60/week.

​Deep "Spring" Cleaning: Call for details and pricing.

Office Cleaning:

BASIC Package: A 1 room cleaning once per week for $25 (includes 1 bathroom) 

SILVER Package: A daily light cleaning 5 days/week for $40/week (includes 1 bathroom, break room and workspace). 

LIFE MASTERS Package: (Best deal) Daily light cleaning 4 days/week + 1 normal cleaning 1 day for 
$50/ week (Normal cleaning includes everything in a light cleaning, plus 1 additional bathroom and the  insides of high customer visibility windows.

​Deep "Spring" Cleaning: Call for details and pricing.

New Construction Cleaning**

Please call for pricing 

Note: These packages require a monthly contract, at minimum. Longer contracts are eligible for additional savings! For those who would rather not sign a month-to-month contract, we have a pay-per-use option, however, services are charged at a higher rate and are subject to availability.

*All prices are based upon a certain maximum round-trip mileage...please note for higher round-trip mile errands, you can either pay a slightly higher amount for that particular errand or combine 2 (or more) errands to use as 1. Please call for further details about mileage limits.

**Pricing for new construction cleaning varies. The price is determined by size of unit as well as scope of job. Discounts will be given for multiple units. We offer a wide variety of options in this area. Please call for more details.

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